Building a global network of tokenized innovation ecosystems

INEX is a unique innovate-to-earn token that revolutionizes the interaction in innovation ecosystems through a decentralised global marketplace

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You can reserve your tokens by using fiat (PayPal, Stripe) or directly pay with crypto (ETH, AVAX, MATIC), min amount 250 EUR or equivalent / max amount 1.000 EUR or equivalent

A first web3 innovation Platform-as-a-Service that enables adoption of tokenized innovation ecosystems

Services & Platform Features

The PaaS toolset includes multiple mutually connected modules that could also be used individually

Innovation Community

Tokenized Events & Open Calls

Fully decentralised innovation community with some exciting features such as Open Calls that represent an individual or collective request for information, content, or service. These open calls can be used i.e. for a generation of community-driven events as well as running innovation challenges. 

Knowledge Hub

Content & Knowledge Oracle

Knowledge Hub is the decentral knowledge database powered by creators & innovation experts from all of the globally connected innovation ecosystems. Creators & Innovation experts receive rewards for publishing and sharing their digital knowledge (in form of vodcast, podcast, e-learning course, report ect.) on the platform in INEX.  

Ecosystem Connect

& Marketplace

Ecosystem Connect links individual ecosystems and allows for easy sharing of tokens, content, connections, data and products & services across ecosystems. It is a bridge that enables transactions on the global innovation marketplace. 


Venture Funding

Ecosystem individual Launchpads enable efficient financing of ventures, incl. potential spin-offs.

Innovation Assets


There are many assets that could be tokenized and make accessible through the marketplace across all ecosystems such as time & skill, tech or IP. This approach could be leveraged by any type of an organization to benefit from licensing fees and asset tracking.

Innovation Ecosystem

ID & Data Vault

Innovation Ecosystem ID & Data Vault holds profile information of an organisation or an user. The owner (i.e. startup) of the data can monetize it allowing interested parties (i.e. innovation scouts, investors) to access it through an NFT token that unseals the vault.

Innovation Accounting

Analytics & Insights

The tokenization of different aspects of the innovation ecosystem creates a strong fundament for measuring the innovation capabilities, within or outside an organisation.

Innovation Ecosystem


It is a ranking of ecosystems powered by the INEX token. The Ecosystem Index is offering a unique opportunity to invest into the whole ecosystem not individual ventures. 

Token Offering

Seed and Strategic

0.01 €/INEX

5.36 %
80.000.000 INEX

Pre-Sale I

16th April - 15th May

0.02 €/INEX

15.86 %
17.500.000 INEX

Pre-Sale II

16th May - 15th June

0.025 €/INEX

14.000.000 INEX

Pre-Sale III

16th June - 15th July

0.03 €/INEX

12.500.000 INEX


coming soon

0.05 €/INEX

50.000.000 INEX

Tokens from the Seed and Strategic round as well as from all the Pre-Sale rounds will be unlocked and distributed to the owners based on the vesting schedule starting with the TGE. Unsold tokens from previous rounds will be automatically moved into the next round. The token sale will automatically go to the next round when tokens are sold out in the prior round.


Q2 2021 - Q1 2022
PaaS v1 & Beta
  • Development of the v1 of the PaaS for tokenized innovation ecosystems
  • Main services & features - Community & Events, Knowledge Hub and Marketplace
Q2 2022
Token Offerings
  • Seed & strategic sale & pre-sale
  • Smart contract creation
  • Ecosystem Connect
Q3 2022
  • Token Generation Event (TGE) and airdrop to seed, strategic and pre-sale owners
  • Marketplace v2
  • Knowledge Hub v2
Q4 2022
Staking & DEX
  • Staking
  • DEX Listing
  • PaaS Core v2
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Community v2 & Open Calls
Q1 2023
DAO and Additional Services
  • Bridge Fantom, Terra and AVAX
  • Launchpads
  • Ecosystem ID Data Vault
  • Ecosystem Index
Q2 2023
Additional Services
  • Innovation Accounting
  • Innovationverse

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Our Team

Lukas Strniste
CEO, Founder
Iana Karpova
Ibrar Ahmad

Advisory Board

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